Rest assure you came to the right place to have your new website built, or your existing one re-designed.


All the essencial features are included:


I can do any design style to suit your taste!
The slide show above features several styles for you to start thinking about the design characteristics that you like best.
I will work with you to build a customized website that matches exactly what you are looking for.


The word “affordable” can be subjective and it might mean different things to different people.
That’s why we need to communicate well for you to understand exactly what you will be receiving including all the upfront costs, and also if there is going to be any maintenance and upkeep needed for your website (on-going costs).
For individuals and emerging small business an affordable cost is typically under $500 which can be achieved with a basic website design, with up to 5 pages and limited information.
If you’re looking for a little more comprehensive design with significant amount of information, multi-lingual pages and up to 10 pages the typical price range is $500-$1,000. A rough estimate for additional pages is $100 per page.
But for some people to meet their website goals, they may need to spend more with a standard web designer or hire a expensive custom-code designer if they have especial needs and parameters that cannot be achieved through standard design.
Creating an e-commerce site is e a little more complex than creating informational sites, and the price can vary significantly depending on the number of products that you have in your store.  If desired, I can provide basic training on the e-commerce tool that I use for my customers to be able to upload product photos directly to the e-commerce platform. This way we can work as a team in order to keep upfront design prices low, in the $500-1,000 range.
I work as a freelancer building your site.  As with most business services, the larger the company gets the higher the price will likely get.
There are some crazy deals out there like free websites and websites for $89. Beware of low-quality sites and deals. For example, some companies will build your site for free, they will spend about one hour to build using cookie-cutter software and then charge $179 per month to host it and maintenance fees.  That will cost you a lot more in the long run!


Sometimes the cheap can become expensive….
As with most services and products, web design work is also cheaper overseas in countries like Brasil, India, China and Pakistan.
While the design cost may be very cheap, will it be really worth it?
Working with someone in a different country can be challenging for several reasons:


Many options available to add to your website: